Anti-Cellulite Massage

Anti-cellulite massage is  performed to reduce and remove cellulite, is the combination of skin rubbing, kneading and twisting. Massage works both ways: the friction brings fresh blood to the skin surface, while the warmth and rubbing action help to break down the rims around the fat cells. This massage includes lots of vigorous movements which leave skin tingling and rosy with oxygenated blood.

Anti- cellulite massage helps with cellulite reduction but it is not a cure for the skin condition. It will not melt your fat away, but it will assist in the cellulite reduction as a part of healthy life style along with proper diet and exercise.


Having a massage done as a treatment to reduce the look of cellulite can have extra  benefits. Aside from minimizing the look of the lumpy skin, you will also benefit from an increase in circulation, lymphatic drainage and muscle relaxation.

Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (by Dr Vedder method)  is the therapy which is designed to improve the functions of the lymphatic system. MLD is performed by gentle, rhythmical movements of the skin which stimulate the contraction of the lymphatic vessels.


As a result of this more metabolic waste products and excess fluid are removed from the body’s tissues and enter the lymphatic system. This therapy can be effective in the treatment of lymph oedema, post-surgical and post-traumatic swellings, sports injuries, rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia.


Hot Lava Stone Massage

The special technique performed by a certified therapist use the hot basalt stones to travel very  deep into the muscles tension, stimulating warm relief and relaxation.  Followed by a deep body,  face and scalp massage using natural essential oils will Your body and mind pampered and recharge for the rest of the day…


Hot stone massage is also helpful in relieving sports injuries and

menstrual cramps.


Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is quite active and intense. It is used to treat long-lasting muscle tension. The therapist applies slow strokes with the fingers, thumbs, and elbows, using intense to moderate pressure to reach deeper layers of the muscles than those reached with a Swedish massage technique.


When muscles are stressed, they block oxygen and nutrients, leading to inflammation that builds up toxins in the muscle tissue. Through controlled manual manipulation, deep tissue massage breaks down scar tissue, loosens muscles, releases toxins and allows blood and oxygen to circulate properly.


Sport Massage Therapy

The main benefit of sports massage is that it improves muscle flexibility, blood circulation and reduces swelling, aids the prevention of sports injuries and assists the body with recovery and repair after sports injuries have been sustained.


A sports massage can be carried out prior to a sports event, when it will stimulate circulation, calm nervous tension and prepare the individual for optimal performance whilst at the same time reducing the risk of injury. It can be carried out after a sports event, when it will relieve soreness and assist with the removal of lactic acid and other waste products.



Kinesiotaping Therapy


Kinesiology Tape in one of its specific taping applications which  can help You  prevent and treat the most common injuries as lower back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, tennis and golf elbow syndrome etc.


It is made from an ultra-light, elastic cotton fabric which is applied on to the skin to provide an external support to muscles, ligaments, and tendons, which helps to prevent injuries and speed up recovery and guarantees  comfort and freedom of movement.






Swedish Massage, Artmassage, spa


Swedish Body Massage



The most popular benefit of Swedish Massage is that it is both relaxing and invigorating. It is an excellent way to relief the body from tension and to achieve a sense of overall well-being.


A Swedish body massage is the perfect way for anyone who is overworked and stressed out to relax their body and mind. The Swedish massage helps to improve the function of your lymph system by relaxing your muscles.


Another benefit of the Swedish massage is its ability to help you sleep.


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